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Next Meeting: Week 8 (5/25) Investment Project Final Presentation where investment teams will present their work and Clean-tech Project Recruit
Time & Location: 6pm at SAV 260

Data connects our world... but without analysis it's just a text message, a sales figure, a timestamp.
Analytics is the art of storytelling with data. It allows us to find meaning in data to make better decisions.

AACUW's mission is to teach you how to harness data to tell meaningful stories and take action.

What's Applied Analytics Club at UW (AACUW)?

First of all, we're NOT a business club. We're an analytics club! Our club focuses on three main disciplines:

Databases & Science
(CS & Informatics)

Having robust, scalable systems are vital to both data and computer scientists who construct complex models. These systems must be reliable and responsive to changes in data.

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Modeling & Theory

Without economic theory and practice, businesses would be unable to forecast the impact of decisions. Economics explains outcomes and serves as the rudder of the business "ship".

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Today's rules of business are driven by data. Business leaders use analytics to identify opportunities, navigate risks, and grow their organizations.

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Our core message: Data connects.

We are an analytics club that sees a problem with analytics. The problem is that all organizations use data but the data sources, the departments working with data, and the methods used to derive meaning from data are siloed and often lack collaboration. Computer and Data Scientists work to build both databases and complex models. Then, Economists create models (pulling data from databases and building further complex models) and incorporate economic theory to forecast outcomes. Finally, Management use these forecasts to make financial decisions. This process, while streamlined, prevents a consistent discussion/understanding of data and makes it impossible to view the entire “data ecosystem”. Segmentation through process “siloing” results in miscommunication and poor management decisions, which harms the organization. Data Scientists and Economists have a good grasp of bias in data, but often miss aspects that aren’t influenced by their discipline. For example, they might miss a qualitative factor only seen by a department that is customer-facing (i.e. sales, marketing). The lack of clear, “common-ground” communication and segmented processes result in poor analysis of the data, polluting the entire data ecosystem eventually making its way to a decision maker who will inadvertently harm the organization due to miscommunicated data and poor interpretation.

We believe the disciplines should have a general understanding of the other functions and a holistic view of data usage to reduce the amount of error in an organization’s use of data. This will result in fewer “big data disasters”, where campaigns are sent erroneously to customers based on faulty data.

We understand this is a very large undertaking. We by no means intend to replace the skills taught in computer science, economics, management, or financial programs during our meetings. We instead plan to teach a high-level understanding of data and the ecosystem so that anyone who uses data can 1) “speak the language”, 2) understand the process and know the tools, 3) recognize potential dangers before it becomes an organizational crisis. Our mission is to connect the data disciplines using one holistic view of analytics. We hope to give members a good starting point in which to build their analytical skills and prepare for a career with data.

We aim to bridge the gap between business and the sciences.

What we offer


We'll teach you how to use analytic tools and provide the data to practice on.

Guest Speakers

We host top analytics professionals so you can learn more about the industrial environment.


Our events are meant to bring students interested in analytics together!

Case Projects

We work together to solve cases based on real-world business challenges.

The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.

Arthur C. Nielsen, Founder of Nielsen Holdings

AACUW Leadership


alan liu aacuw, president

Alan Liu


Senior, Computer Science
Data Science Option

benedict suciu aacuw

Benedict Suciu

VP Operations

Senior, BBA Finance
& Information Systems

justin ung aacuw

Justin Ung

VP Technical Workshops

Junior, BS Informatics
& Data Science

ishan mittra aacuw

Ishan Mittra

VP Online Network

Sophomore, BS Economics

sun choi aacuw

Sun Choi

Investing Team Leader

Junior, Economics
& Real Estate

dennis godin aacuw

Dennis Godin

Outreach Officer

Junior, Biochemistry

angel zhou aacuw

Angel Zhou

Marketing & Outreach Officer

Junior, B.S. Computational Finance and Risk Management & Informatics

akshita gundavarapu aacuw

Akshita Gundavarapu

Outreach Officer

Junior, BA Mathematics

ernie liu aacuw

En-Shuo (Ernie) Liu

Tech Workshops Asst.

Sophomore, ACMS
Data Science

shey gao aacuw

Shey Gao

Tech Workshops Asst.

Freshman, (Intended) ACMS/Statistics

bianca su aacuw

Bianca Su

Online Network Officer

Sophomore, B.S. Informatics

kathleen cahya aacuw

Kathleen Cahya

Online Network Officer

Junior, B.S. Statistics
& Data Science

Club Advisors

Beth Blankespoor, Ph.D.

Professor of Accounting, Michael G. Foster School of Business

Stewart Pearson

Founder, Consilient Group LLC.
Former CCO, Wunderman.

Amin Sayedi, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing, Michael G. Foster School of Business

The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.

John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple

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The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

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